American Gothic (Episodes Guide)

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1.08 – Kindred Spirits (August 10, 2016)
Directed by: Lexi Alexander | Written by: Deirdre Shaw

With Cam away at rehab, Jack is easily charmed by a new friend who takes on an alarming adventure; Garrett and Allison struggle to keep a reporter quiet; Brady comes across some strange info that helps move along the investigation.

1.10 – The Veteran in a New Field (August 24, 2016)
Directed by: David Barrett | Written by: Aaron Fullerton

The city is in an uproar as the SBK strikes again; Alison relies on Brady to clear her name as she sets out to find the culprit who is at fault; Tessa has doubt’s about Madeline; Cam decides on the custody of Jack and Sophie’s involvement.

1.13 – Whistler’s Mother (September 7, 2016)
Directed by: Greg Beeman | Written by: Corinne Brinkerhoff

It’s election day. Most of the family is at Alison’s campaign headquarters, both as a measure of support to Alison and as it is perhaps the safest place from an attack by SBK’s accomplice being so public. There are two conspicuously absent family members: Madeline, who may no longer be welcome based on the confrontation she and Alison had; and Alison herself, she who has missed some key engagements on this important day, and who is not picking up her cell phone. Alison’s absence worries the family, as she being possibly abducted by the accomplice. As Tessa passes this news to Brady, he and Cutter may have to work fast to discover who the accomplice is, they knowing that it is SBK’s daughter, who would now be in her thirties and may have worked her way into a position of trust within the Hawthorne family circle. While most of the family is at campaign headquarters, Madeline is oblivious to what is happening being self sequestered at home with her private security detail, which may prove not to be the most secure location as the accomplice has proven in the past to be able to get in and out of the house easily. Meanwhile, Garrett and Christina are able to reconnect at the campaign HQ. Garrett may have to make a difficult decision based on what Christina tells him. And Cam, who through the lawyer hired by Madeline has basically cut all ties with Sophie including filing for sole custody of Jack, is happily in a platonic relationship with April. However, on this day, he has to provide some comfort to his son who still pines for his mother. Through all these issues, the discovery of who SBK’s daughter and thus accomplice is may not be as straightforward as it appears on the surface.