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One Tree Hill Season 3 Photos

Happy New Year!!! I’ve added promotional photos, episodes stills, and HD screencaps of Bethany as Haley James Scott in season 3 of One Tree Hill. Sorry that updates were slow last year. I will work on catching things up over the next few weeks.

This season focuses on the first half of senior year at Tree Hill High School. Starting three months after the second season finale, Haley returns to Tree Hill and tries to save her marriage with Nathan. Peyton gets to know her birth mother. Lucas and Brooke begin a relationship. Keith and Karen get engaged. Nathan patches things up with Lucas, while Mouth begins a complicated relationship with newcomer Rachel, who also spreads a lot of drama through the core characters. After a shooting at the school things between Lucas and Peyton heat up despite Peyton’s proposal to Jake.

One Tree Hill Season 2 Photos

I’ve added promotional photos, episodes stills, and HD screencaps of Joy as Haley James Scott in season 2 of One Tree Hill.

Aside from their love for hoops, Lucas and Nathan seemed to have little in common. But the two young men are bound by the fact that they share the same father. As Nathan is increasingly brought into the world Lucas knew before he joined the high school team, the two boys begin acting like brothers, not enemies, for the first time. Years in the making, a deep and bitter conflict had slowly unfolded as the two boys struggled to come to terms with a father who chose to live vicariously through one son while ignoring the existence of the other. Now, Nathan and Lucas have formed a unique bond based on mutual resentment of their father. Meanwhile, the girls of Tree Hill explore their own interests beyond romantic entanglements.